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Trace ‘upgrades’ underwhelming

By July 26, 2007

Trace Lofts

(I know I’m risking getting the worst parking spot or a bad move in time by criticizing Trace like this but what the hell.)

I was of course disappointed that I had no selection choices at Trace. No color scheme selection, no counter upgrades, no chance to put in a much desired shower instead of a lame tub, nothing.

Instead all I had to look forward to was the package they were putting together for ‘upgrades’ that I could roll into my mortgage.

While it is much appreciated that I can roll their cost into my mortgage (remember, I was surprised to find out that I had to pay cash months before close to get hardwoods or anything like that at the Meritage) I am completely underwhelmed by the upgrade info I picked up this week.

Here’s the info I got…

Two generic California Closets pamphlets. I guess I have to call Heather to find out the price range for doing something with my incredibly small closet.

Two generic pieces of paper from Bartlett Blinds. The papers have no graphics, no prices and no website addresses. They even use lots of words I don’t understand like ‘luminettes’ and ‘vidnettes/alouettes’ (spell check doesn’t even recognize those words!)

A bunch of photocopied pages from Audio Plus (who puts LLC in their URL?) outlining a bunch of different Bose ‘DVD entertainment options’ (who buys Bose?), a list of TVs and a security system (how many people get security systems installed in their condos?) There’s no model numbers on the TVs and there’s no pricing for anything. I can sorta understand why there might not be pricing for blinds and closets because they have to be tailored to every loft but with off the shelf items like a TV I see no reason not to include the price.

Of course the information I was really wanting was the appliance upgrade program since the units didn’t come with a washer/dryer and who wants a base level range? But alas there’s not photocopied sheet for that yet. But we do know that they hand carried all the appliances into all our units already. I suspect we’re not going to get much of deal since they have to un-install the unwanted appliances first. Also there is the problem of fitting a 36″ range where they installed a 30″. Hopefully they get the elevator working soon (though it’s Kone so I don’t have much faith that will happen.)

The other funny thing is that all the materials advertise ‘in-home consultations.’ The catch of course being that I don’t have access to my home making me wonder how I’m supposed to set these up before close and keep in mind that close is only a month away.

So what was I expecting? I was expecting a nice custom brochure or website tailored to my loft giving me clear options and price guidance. I’d love to see pictures of all the different window covering options since I’m not trained in interior decorating and design. I’d love to see a few sketches of what my closet would look like (Trace could give the vendors the dimensions.) I’d love prices for all the items. I’d like to know how I coordinate the vendors getting into my loft ahead of close.

What I think is going to happen is that I’m going to be too busy to call these different vendors just to get the information necessary to make a decision and I’m not going to do anything which is too bad because if presented properly I’m sure I would have sprung for window coverings, a TV and a range.

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