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Ugliest condo building in Seattle?

By October 4, 2006


I recently had two people contact me within a twenty four hour window about a condo conversion on Capitol Hill. Apparently this place was hideous. Here’s what one friend had to say:

Have you walked by it lately? Prior to turning it into condos they 1) cut down the huge birch trees on the corner and 2) painted the building in bright and clashing blues, greens and pinks. It used to be a nice building. Now I weep whenever I walk to QFC. I Weep!

Can you please bring public shame to this eye-sore? (I know your disability [ed: I’m color blind] may prevent you from noticing how bad these colours look, but it’s truly awful.)

So I trekked up to Republican and Bolyston Saturday morning on the way to the grocery store, stopped, gawked, and took a few photos.

IMGP4607IMGP4607 Hosted on Zooomr

While taking this photo someone came out and asked me if I was taking a photo because the place was hideous. And the answer was yes, yes I was. This place is just hideous. The photo doesn’t even convey how hideous it is, go walk by it. Its no surprise that their website, does not have any exterior photos! (And please, put your square footages on the floor plans.)

IMGP4609IMGP4609 Hosted on Zooomr

Needless to say, don’t buy here, even though they do have granite (we need to send a message to developers that granite countertops does not mean your project is desirabl!) You will be mocked. I also welcome submissions of condo projects that you feel are uglier.

Update: The Stranger discusses this ugly ass building here, Re: PI Credulous on Conversions and has some choice quotes in the comments:

Speaking of their tag line, my friends and I made up a new game where we remix up the words, add new ones but make sure it has the same “ag” and “ase” ending. Such as (a few favorites)

“The shroud of Turin is a burlap bag, this is Jesus’ Face.”

“This city is a burlap bag, this is your face”

“The city is a speedy fag, get in the race”

“This building is about to sag, grab the mace”

there are many, many more. I suggest you and your friends play it too!

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