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Ugly Seattle condos and design reviews

By October 25, 2007


The Stranger has a Stranger-esque article on ugly condos, It’s Ugly, Stupid:

Seattle’s neighborhoods are trying to stop townhome and condo developments. But it’s not because of NIMBYism. They’re not fighting density, nor are they even opposed to the chaos and noise brought on by massive construction projects. No, Seattle’s neighborhoods want to put a halt to ugly development.

What’s better than the article was the post on The Slog leading up to the article, Eye Sores:

Do you live in or near a butt-ugly condo/townhouse development? Y’know, one that reallllllly doesn’t fit into the neighborhood. Where’s it at? We want to know.

Sadly I missed this post but here are the winner and losers from the comments.


  • Fremont Lofts
  • Some townhomes north on Federal on Cap Hill
  • Bagley Lofts
  • The Opal
  • The Meritage and the Marq


  • Pretty much any townhome
  • Lumen
  • Vertigo
  • 17th and Spring
  • Mezzo
  • North 85th St to 90th St
  • Noma
  • Harbor Properties

Who are the winners and losers in your minds? Are there any architects or developers that we trust with our design? You already know I love Liz Dunn and 1310 E Union and I voted with my wallet for Ted Schroth and Johnson Architects. I also like 5th and Madison, Mosler Lofts and think Stewart and Minor is promising.

And if you’re interested in particpating in the design process both the Cosmo blog and the Smart Neighbors blog have posts this week on it. Frankly I don’t trust a bunch of disgruntled apartment owners with design matters. Design should not be done by uneducated and ill informed committees or city bureaucrats. Granted the POWHat is doing a good job holding the Pine + Belmont development’s feet to the fires which is appreciated.

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