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Updated remodel cheat sheet!

By March 24, 2022


Back in 2018, we published, with help from our friends at Board & Vellum, a remodel and new construction cost cheat sheet. Those costs held true in 2019 but Covid has resulted in crazy inflation and a messed up supply chain which has outdated those estimates. So we’ve circled back with Jeff at Board & Vellum, and have published a new Seattle and Bellevue remodel estimates cheat sheet.

I know the numbers seem crazy. For instance, a kitchen remodel now starts at $75k (versus $50k pre-covid), while a bathroom starts at $30k (versus $15k pre-covid). Want to build a new home? Budget $650 to $1200 a square foot. But as someone in the middle of a gut rebuild of a floating home and about to start construction on a new home, these estimates are unfortunately accurate guidance if you’re thinking of starting a project post-Covid.

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