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Why isn’t my new construction finished?

By October 15, 2007


Something that has irked me both about my purchase at the Meritage and at Trace is that they expect me to do work once I move in to finish it off.

At Meritage I needed to seal the granite tile in the kitchen. I left this for months before getting around to doing it.

At Trace I needed to seal the grout in the bathroom and again have procrastinated to the point where my grout is now water stained. So I just spent an hour sealing it. This was my second go at it as I apparently mis-applied the aerosol sealer the first time because the container only did a third of the shower when it should have done two showers. I’m also puzzled as to how I’m supposed to let this dry if I’m not supposed to use my shower for 48 hours after the first application.

I really don’t understand why they can’t take care of all the details for us. I understand that regular maintenance will be required but I’d rather have my first impressions be positive ones rather than hunched over in my shower wondering if I’m sealing it appropriately.

Something I appreciated at the Meritage which the Trace could have done better is provide a new home owners guide. The kind of info I’m looking for in a home owner’s guide is information on what cleaners I should use on my hardwoods, carpets and counters. What shouldn’t I use. And in the case of sealing stuff, what sealer to use. It’d be even better if they could put all this information online because I’ll likely lose whatever guide I get or forget to pass it on to my tenants, etc.

I also liked how at the Meritage we got paint cans with all the different paints they used. At Trace they gave us some communal cans but individual cans would be better. And include the exact color mixes and brands in the new home owners guide in case I need more.

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