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Working the kinks out

By October 30, 2007


I guess one of the joys of new construction is living there while the kinks get worked out. On Sunday at 3:10 AM our fire alarm turned on and then stayed on for about an hour:

As I am sure you are all aware (nice wake up call!), there was a False Fire Alarm in the early morning hours yesterday, Sunday October 28th. Madrona Real Estate Services responded to the alarm around 3:55 am and attempted to reset the flashing strobe lights. Unsuccessful at resetting the alarm, we called the Fire Alarm Tech that installed the system. He was able to cancel the alarm by disconnecting a smoke detector.

The false alarm was caused by a faulty smoke detector. Pacific Fire & Security was onsite again this morning investigate and repair the issue. Pacific Fire is attempting to get approval from the Fire Department to switch the smoke detectors in the garage to a heat sensor to avoid this in the future. Although it can be of great annoyance, please note that it is very important you do not disable any of the devices in your unit or the building, as if will communicate a trouble message to the alarm panel resulting in a continued alarm. Sorry for the inconvenience; we will keep you informed.

Andy pointed out this real time 911 dispatch site where you can track incidents.

Update: After getting woken up at 8 AM by a jack hammer I wasn’t too upset that the fire alarm went off at 9 AM this morning. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get my car out but since my car is in the new building I was fine.

Bonus link: Hillku, Place Matters and Requiem for a Block

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