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MLS Watch: 303 E Pike #504

303 E Pike #504 just dropped $10k to $410,000. Has anyone toured it? Thoughts about the building in general? Are the units facing onto Pike noisy?

Real estate lawyers?

Does anyone have any recommendations for a real estate lawyer? If so, please e-mail me, mail *at * Thanks!

Doing your homework

Craig at Rain City Guide has a post on doing your homework when buying a condo, The condo public offering statement/resale certificate: The Seattle Times had a good piece on the topic a couple of years ago. That article notes several sources of information that you should review prior to purchasing, including the public offering… Read More

MLS Watch: live/work lofts in Ballard

1506 NW 52nd St in Ballard looks really nice. $399,950 for 1,286 square feet. Why doesn’t any one build some nice town homes like this on Capitol Hill?

MLS Watch – Prices go down, prices go up

It’s been a while since I’ve really done MLS Watch. The truth is that we’ve been having troubles at Redfin getting our ‘listing alert e-mails’ to run reliably which is what I use to compile this blog post. Anyhow, here’s a look at some of the activity over the past week that caught my eye:… Read More

More Seattle condo blogs

We must be in a condo bubble here in Seattle because there are now at least six blogs focused on downtown condos alone! UrbanAsh appears to be a Seattle downtown condo blog by a local agent named Ashley. Nesting 101 appears to be a couple on ‘the elusive search for affordable housing in Seattle.’

Cosmo must be closing soon

Cosmo must be closing soon because people are advertising units for rent already on Craigslist. $1300 to $2100/month if you’re interested. Funny that they all use the same photos.

Enso and Rollin Street update

Vulcan sent out this update on Enso and Rollin today. Are people still excited about either developments? I didn’t think there was much interest in Veer and boy was I wrong. Will Enso or Rollin surprise me too? Are any of you planning on purchasing a unit? Later tonight I’ll post my favorite units in… Read More

How is Veer doing? 50%+ sold

Veer Lofts isn’t giving up numbers but here is what I know (I’m confident in the flats number being up to date but the flexi and full lofts is from last week which means they’ve likely sold more.) Total Sold Avail Full 29 6 23 Flexi 36 10 26 Flat 36 32 4 101 48… Read More

Trace Lofts 50% reserved

Trace Lofts is 50% reserved. It’s surprising it took them a few weeks to get to this point when Veer Lofts hit 50% in about 3 days. I suspect it’s because Trace is at a higher price point (though likely has higher quality finishes) and pent up demand for Veer has been growing for about… Read More

Smith Tower to become condos?

Seattle PI, Iconic Smith Tower may become condos: Ninety-three years after Pioneer Square’s Smith Tower was built as an elegant business address, its new owner hopes to turn the 38-story landmark into residential condominiums. Chicago-based Walton Street Capital filed papers with the city Wednesday to begin what could be a months-long process of getting approval… Read More

Meritage delayed again

My move in to the Meritage has been delayed again. I was supposed to move in first on February 18th, then February 26th and now, who knows. The date is question because the elevator has not yet passed inspection. Hopefully this gets resolved before the end of the month.

Veer Lofts are on sale

I got a phone call reminder yesterday that my Veer Lofts appointment was today. To be honest with so many delays I’d completely forgotten about it. Has anyone signed a purchase and sale in Veer in the last few days? If so, which units? How is the pricing? The units I am interested in are:… Read More

Seattle is pricey

Seattle PI, Seattle too pricey for normal people. It is, but there must be a lot of rich people because whenever I wonder about who can afford $500k condos I just go for a bike ride down Lake Washington Blvd or a boat road around Lake Washington or the Sound and there are multi-million dollar… Read More

MLS Watch: 615 E Pike #403

Wow, penthouse unit #403 at the 615 E Pike Lofts (MLS: 27018606) is for sale for only $476/SqFt. $599,950 for 1,260 sq feet 2 bed 2 bath two floor unit seems like a great deal as compared to the units I have been looking at at Trace Lofts (most penthouse units at Trace are in… Read More

When will the subprime market collapse?

This article is for commentor EconE, unfortunately it is for NY Times subscribers only, Will Other Mortgage Dominoes Fall? (though someone re-published it online.) It looks at the subprime and Alt-A markets. It’s amazing how long it can take ivnestors to see that the wheels are coming off a prized investment vehicle. Denail, after all,… Read More

Stadium Loft floor plans

The Stadium Lofts posted floor plans and more details on their site,, recently. I like working in Pioneer Square but after 7pm there is nowhere to eat except Taco Del Mar. Even Quizno’s closes at 7pm.

The Stranger on Belltown noise issues

The Stranger, Downtown Dilemma – Nickels’s Bar Restrictions Won’t Help Belltown Condo Owners Sleep Any Easier: The Cooks, in other words, personify the kind of empty-nest Belltown residents we at The Stranger have vilified over the years. They moved to a neighborhood with lots of bars and clubs (fewer then, but still more than other… Read More

Washington Square?

I had someone ask me about condos in Bellevue and my response was ‘this is Urbnlivn not Bellevue living’ (if you want to live downtown move to Seattle! :) ) but none-the-less, perhaps one of you has thoughts on Washington Square versus One Lincoln Tower. Any gotchas that people should be aware of?

Firing your agent

I’m a little surprised you can’t fire your agent after you’ve signed a purchase and sale. It’s been almost a year since I’ve signed my purchase and sale (requiring all of an hour of my agent’s time) and haven’t heard from him since and I’m two days away from closing. $10,000 for an hour of… Read More